Elettrica 45 mph

Electric Mobility

Elettrica 45 mph

$ 7,999.00*


Elettrica 45 mph

Electric Mobility.




$ 7,999.00*

TAX excluded

Technical Specs

fullscreen Ride into the future

The Vespa MIA multi-media system connects your smartphone to your bike via bluetooth so that the Vespa's display becomes an extension of your phone.

fullscreen Our most innovative design yet

The distinctive silvery-grey colored body is accented with details that come in two stylish colors that bring out the best in the unmistakable design of Vespa.

fullscreen Simple to recharge

The battery charger, stored beneath the seat, can be fully recharged in 4 hours. Both the engine and battery require no maintenance.

fullscreen Clean energy

With its modern lithium-ion battery, the Piaggio electric brushless engine with its modern lithium-ion battery uses an the efficient Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) to recharge during deceleration.

Listen to the sounds of nature

The Vespa Elettrica’s powerful electric motor delivers excellent acceleration and pick-up going uphill, making it the ideal choice for zipping around town. Not only is it nimble and comfortable, but its total silence also makes the city a little more peaceful for everyone

Carefree mobility

The Elettrica embodies sophisticated, innovative research and design and epitomizes everyday sustainability. Charging only requires extracting the charging cable from beneath the seat and plugging it into a standard, wall-mounted electrical socket or, if out and about, plugging into a public charging station.

Enjoy "infotainment" on the go

The Elettrica features the Vespa MIA app that connects to the 4.3-inch color TFT (Thin Film Transistor) instrument panel, which is transformed into a stylish communication platform. You can keep an eye on your scooter's various parameters, answer phone calls, check messages, activate voice commands and manage your music choices.

Reinvent your style

The futuristic design of the silvery-grey body of the Vespa Elettrica 30 mph certainly makes a splash in the city, meaning you won’t pass unnoticed. It can be customized to reflect your own style by adding custom touches to the front shield shape, decorations on the scooter's front “tie”, wheel rims, seat and even adding shadowing to the “Elettrica” nameplate.

Elettrica 45 mph accessories

Delivered within 12 days

VESPA REAR PROTECTION BARS - MATT BLACK (Primavera, Sprint & Elettrica)

$ 168.00 Tax Excluded

Delivered within 12 days

VESPA REAR PROTECTION BARS - CHROMED (Primavera, Sprint & Elettrica)

$ 178.50 Tax Excluded

Delivered within 12 days


$ 110.25 Tax Excluded

Delivered within 12 days


$ 826.35 Tax Excluded