Offers the customer the possibility to choose the preferred delivery option:
Pick Up at Dealership or Delivery at Home. In both cases, the delivery service will be provided by the Official Vespa dealer selected.

The customer’s order will be processed within 24 hours of its placing and the Vespa will be ready within 15-30 days after the order is processed.

During the order preparation period (15-30 days), a Vespa representative will get in contact with the customer in order to keep him/her updated on the order status and provide him/her with all the order details: order confirmed, order shipped, vehicle in preparation and vehicle ready for pick-up at dealership selected.
In case the customer would like to have a “delivery at home service”, the Official Vespa dealer selected will contact the customer to get further information and provide him/her with a final quotation.
Please remember the delivery at home service has an extra cost and the exact final amount can only be communicated by the Official Vespa dealer once all the relevant information are provided by the customer.